Monday, July 21, 2008

taken by Jack
Here is Mike & his childhood buddies that came fishing with them. Mike is in the tan shirt.

First kingfish in the box. Somebody didn't take any other fish pictures until the end of the day.

That wouldn't happen to be you, would it honey? Anyhow, here is my hubby & #1 fisherman. He's sporting his favorite fishing shirt.

My honey knows I like to see the Weather Buoy sitting far offshore. I'm guessing they trolled by it.

The wake of Mike's boat. Look how beautiful blue the water is. This is why people fall in love with offshore fishing. It is a blue that you can not find anywhere else in nature. And usually, it is clear for 20 feet down when hurricanes don't stir it up.

Here is the catch at the end of the day. Notice how big that one Kingfish is. Granted, the phins aren't huge but still..... that was a good size one.

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