Friday, December 04, 2009

by Robin

For years, this has been one of the ultimate quick seafood fixes in our house. For approx $1.25 per can, one can eat smoked oysters which is relatively cheap when compared to eating Snow Crab legs or Shrimp (which God loves).

I keep a couple cans handy for the pantry and I even stuff some in our emergency "ditch" bag on the boat. It's protein in a can which is very handy if stranded offshore.

Anyhow, I put up with the original orange packaging for years because it made it easy to find on the shelves. But today.... I must protest. If I had true grit, I'd ban these from my house, but I won't because we have such a weakness for them, topped w/ hot sauce, salt and lemon, while sitting on a Ritz cracker. (Excuse me while I catch the drool.)


This makes no sense. They are cow patches on a seafood item. For all I know, I could mistake this for cream cheese which is about the same size. What has happened to our country? Is this CHANGE we can count on? Change that doesn't make the outer packaging resemble the product inside?

Good grief WALMART executives........ does this make sense to you? Can't you at least make the blue things into fish shapes or shrimp shapes or ......... wait........ are my eyes deceiving me? Are those suppose to be oyster shapes? Oh no...... Am I the only fool who didn't get this the first 20 boxes?

What do you bloggers see?

Wait..... what did you see first? If this were some type of psychology examination, would you say, "Cow patches" or "oysters"?

Now, compare this with the Ritz cracker box in the background. Unmistakably a cracker, not a flower. A Ritz cracker, no doubt. Awesome marketing. Undeniably Ritz.

So, who's the fool now? (Please somebody comment....)

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Renee said...

Who's the fool..Who's the fool?

Wal-Mart? Did I get it right. Do I win a prize?

I;d like to first of all thanks my sponsor Wal-Mart.. uumm no that won't work..

Hey maybe they are trying to say that oysters are the cows of the sea like starfish tuna is the chicken of the sea.