Wednesday, December 16, 2009

by Robin

In Florida, we may never get a day of snow or even frost this far down, but we still get our version of whiteouts. When the dewpoint comes within degrees of the temperatures, we get fog. And, we've gotten a LOT of fog lately.

Our poor boat hasn't been used in weeks (again). We've been watching the weather but the seas were very, very high this week. It looks like we may not be able to make our offshore run for Christmas red snapper before the closure takes effect.

So, out of desperation for a day on the water & a day of relaxation after one of the busiest weeks in years. LOL. It may not be deep or blue, but we were happy for it.

We motored out into the white abyss very slowly. Guessing here, but it was probably 50-70 ft of visibility in some spots.


Thank goodness for technology, gps & navigation chips. Jack knew where we were the entire time.


We passed by a marina/harbour and could see anchored sailboats - barely.

We had only 2 big boats pass us and they were going slow too. They seemingly "popped" out at us. I can totally relate to how the Titanic hit that iceberg in the fog.

At one point, we made the turn northeast toward Haulover canal. Ok........ I have to trust Jack on that one.


Not long after that, we made this dolphin very mad. We were in his territory and he approached the boat with tail slaps. Generally speaking, river dolphins duck down until our boat passes. They fairly shy. But, not this one. He deliberately slapped the water at us.


And then, there was land.........

A pocket of visibility amongst the whiteout.

I'll share more photos with you tomorrow. Must run & start chores now.

Merry Christmas!

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