Thursday, May 01, 2008

Before/After pics - 8 mo restoration project on the Mako 248.

I thought you'd like to see some before & after pictures of the boat. We finished up some miscellaneous things today and will be on the water tomorrow for a nice picnic lunch. It seems surreal that it's done. (Well, it's never *really* done, but ykwim.)
(Before: Left , After: Bottom)

I feel like the stripe has made her look as long as she really feels when you're inside fishing. The Mako 248 is a huge 25 ft boat. But, by the time you add in the pulpit, bracket and engine, we're hauling a good 30 ft, plus tongue of the trailer. She is an excellent fishing vessel thanks to ability to walk completely around her but also a family boat because Jack can stand upright in the cuddy cabin (6 ft tall). The sides are tall and I don't have to worry about the kids falling overboard as easily as some other boat.

It truly has been a priviledge to restore this 21 yr old vessel back to its youthful glow. I'm not sure there are even 100 Mako 248's still operating today.
Back in 2005, we were told that this was one of the two best hulls to have, ....... if we could find one. In August, that year, we found one in Orlando, owned by a dentist who kept it in great condition. She even had the original '87 Laser engine on it. It was unreliable so we repowered it with an '03 Merc Opti-Max 225, which we love. Praise God it hasn't had a single hiccup.
Before picture. See how the outline of the pole storage boxes don't even stand out?

This picture came from the last outing we took on her in Aug '07 before we took everything off. Check my archives to see the makeover from the beginning.

Here is a picture of the finished pole storage 'boxes'. Doesn't the wood make it look fabulous? It really brought it up to first class with the dark wood against the white boat. WOW!

Here (left) is the helm area the day we bought the boat. Pretty plain & faded looking. There was an old, moldy white canvas top which got replaced in '06. We still have the original old compass which we plan on restoring as well. At this point, the new GPS chartplotter sits in it the compass spot. Back when this boat was in production, Mako hadn't seen the likes of flush-mounted electronics. Everything had brackets and rolls of paper to get your readings.

On the right, it is almost done, minus the Captain's chair, which was put in minutes after the photo. What difference in the black trim vs the brown original Mako 248 trim. Also, the boat needed to be brought into the 21st century with some modern electronics and music. Since this photo was taken, Jack already purchased new speakers. I don't know the details because I couldn't hear over the blaring music. ha ha
I love the detail in the new flooring as well. Much of the wiring in the switch panel was enhanced and nightlights added.
In the future, we'd like to add a complete hardtop with a mini-tower for me to spot fish. I can only imagine that Jack will add some radar as well to spot thunderstorms and maybe birds (to find tuna). Oh..... but a new trailer or trailer makeover will come first. I would love to haul our boat down to the Keys or over to the Gulf.

Happy Fishing

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Angela said...

Robin, the boat looks amazing!! You guys have done great work!! Hope you have an awesome day out on the water!

Love and hugs!