Friday, May 09, 2008

by Robin

We will be getting up at 4am, at the port at 5am, hopefully in the water soon after that, then competing in the Dodge Offshore Tournament. Because the entry fee is $0, everybody and their brother will be out there to compete as long as they are registered. My job is to make some egg salad & pbj sandwiches, fill water bottles, ice down sodas, get sunblock & chips corralled, poles & tackle piled at the front door, etc. Jack is likely heading down to the Captain's meeting with Mike (Captain of the boat we're fishing on) in a little while.

Please pray and wish us safety first. Tournaments like this (i.e. free) draw out some people lacking respect and knowledge. It will be a zoo at the docks and probably running all over each other's territory on the Atlantic ocean. Some Captains are very professional, but others aren't. This is why we usually don't fish Saturday/Sundays.

Secondly, we want God's will be done. Winning would be fantastic but fun is mainly our objective. Catching fish is great, but if we don't have a hero, we'll stay out and fish until dark. If we have a hero, we come in at 4pm to weigh-in the beast.

This is our family's 1st tournament. Oh, we aren't fishing in our boat, but w/ our friend's bigger boat. There will be 4 children on board. Again, safety is our biggest importance.Hopefully, next time I get on here, I'll have some results for you. Pictures are guaranteed unless my camera falls a couple hundred feet down to the ocean floor.

Edited to Add (ETA): As we ran our afternoon errands on Merritt Island, we saw numerous offshore boats at gas pumps and being toted around the roads. People are getting ready!!

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Angela said...

Have fun!!! I grew up around boats and on the water, so I know well that it can be tons of fun for kids, but safety has to come first. I pray you guys have a wonderful and successful outing with your Fishermen!

PS got your note about the trip north and will respond soon. Hugs!