Monday, May 12, 2008

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Gal 6:9
I last left off with Carnival Glory passing by us as we were about to clear the port entrance. I think we were already cruising at 22 mph aboard the Mabuhay (Philippino name) when I took this next photo. Sun had risen but was still hiding behind these clouds.
We spent the next couple of hours in cloud cover & haze after we set the trolling lines out at the Weather Buoy. We headed due east for the next several miles. There isn't much for a kid to do during this time, so we see a lot of sleeping bodies laying around. I wish I had taken more pics.
There were a couple times the boys were sleeping together on this chair. The other side was pre-occupied by a G-I-R-L, which is a bad word in my guys' minds. LOL. Not only was she a girl, but she had a stuffed animal in her hands. I tell you what, she could even fish with that thing in her hands!!
Anyhow, back to the story.....

Captain Jack loves to drive a boat and he sure got his fill of it on Saturday. His legs probably fell asleep if it wasn't for the fact that sometimes he'd go up the ladder to drive it from the top. I don't have a lot of pictures from when it was cloudy in the Gulfstream because I was incapacitated by wave action that sent me to chum the waters. I don't do 6 ft seas, even with ginger on my tummy.
Fishermen actually love to laugh at you when this happens and then thank you for chumming up the fish. Jack and Mike were actually pretty kind to me. Helen didn't want to know, as she was preventing a chain-reaction. LOL.
We topped out at 410 ft depth (40 mi out) but Jack brought us back in to 200 ft (out of the Gulfstream), into 3-4 ft waves. That's when I took this picture.
So, works. It did chum up a mahi. It took the far back flat line, making numerous jumps. Here is Helen putting the fighting belt on Mike. He made quick work of getting it up to the boat. Sadly, Jack went to gaff the fish at the same time it was eager to make one last dive. Basically, the gaff acted like a dehooker (removes the hook from the mouth) and the fish was released and swam away. A legal catch but it sure is hard to weigh in a fish that swims away.

After much jesting about that fish, there was nothing left to do but put the lines out again. We had some fish steal our ballyhoo but no official knock-downs to give us a good fight.

It was a gorgeous day on the water and plenty of blue water everywhere we looked, but no activity on top. Above, you can see the water is laying down to a near-flat look. Soon after I took this, Mike decides to change scenery. We did troll another area south, but we still had no fish for our efforts.

That's when Jack decided to switch up the game plan...... (to be continued)

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