Wednesday, May 28, 2008

by Robin
I'm a bit short on time, so I'll mostly give labels. These pics are taken at my parent's lake house. On Friday, we spent the afternoon playing on the canoe, paddle and row boats. Afterwards, we did a little fishing before we had to run out to a dinner date with friends in another city.

Mom and Dad in the row boat first, while......

Jack and our youngest were in the canoe.

My oldest son took me for a paddle boat ride. I ended up doing a lot of the pumping after a while. He later took a liking to the canoe, making solo runs & taking his brother around.

The water level is very far down in Lake Lanier, even though it is back on the rise. All these rocks should be under water.

After all this fun, it was time to put some worms on the hooks and fish. Nana had a secret bass hole that she was sharing with her grandsons.

If you click to enlarge this, you'll see that both boys caught (double hook-up) Lrg Mouth Bass, not at Nana's spot but around the corner from it.

The boys also caught a couple of these. I'm not sure which type of catfish this is, but they're all notorious for dangerous spines in their fins.

Then for a couple of us, there was the long walk back up the hill. A "Green Mile" for some of us that are very out of shape. Little man is encouraging me. FYI - this is only about 1/6 of the trail back up, but it is the steepest part. My heart was already pounding through my chest. I pretended I needed a picture but what I really needed was angioplasty.
It looks like we may be offshore on Friday. Seas are suppose to be 1-2 ft. We're hoping to put some mahi and bottom fish in the freezer. With gas going up, we've got to make the most of every trip.

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