Sunday, May 04, 2008

by Robin

I wish I had more time to post up all the stories but I don't. You'll just have to live with some pictures for today. Sea trial went wonderful. Two small quirks that Jack already remedied.

Jack pushing all the buttons.
There would never be pictures of me if I didn't take self-portraits.

Haulover Canal (N. of Kennedy Space Center)

North end of Haulover Canal - gorgeous view.

Fishing the wind-protected waters of the canal

Bringing in yet another puffer fish. Jack caught the only snook.

Haulover is famous for its wildlife. Here is a dolphin, but we also saw raccoons and a gator.

Oh and this guy sleeping next to us. It is a manatee on the verge of surfacing.

Then, the camera battery died. Oh well.

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