Thursday, May 08, 2008

by Robin

It was an amazing day. I woke up. I was alive and healthy. Saw my lovely family. Did some light shopping. I pull in the driveway to see our Mako, First Choice, hooked up to the suburban.

Since we won't be together for Mother's Day, this was my special lunch out. Ahhh, a man after my own heart. We put 'in' at the local docks. Again, it was a beautiful day. Sun was out, wind was blowing and sailboaters were peppered all over the place. I find it interesting every single time we pass one from Canada or New England. They really get around. This is a good one to click & enlarge.

I had the best time just taking in the sun's warmth and taking pictures. I even took one of my feet. I don't know why, but I do this a lot, even if I don't blog it. (It's such an amazing day - this may be the only picture I like of my legs. LOL)

Anyhow, we went through another channel that eventually takes you to the port & out to the Atlantic Ocean. We saw this abandoned building which could probably tell so many stories if it could talk. It sits just west of Sea Ray boats on the Bee-line.

My chauffeur was this handsome man.

We entered Harbortown Marina for lunch. The restaurant is called Nautical Spirits. They serve good seafood and fries. The first and only other time we went there was the weekend before we tore the boat apart for the makeover. Part of Jack's thinking was to finally get some after shots from the same angle as some of his before shots on his screensaver.

Here I am washing down the back for pictures. Pretty in Pink. Btw, they're coming out with pink rod & reels for lady fishermen now.

Anyhow, we all had a great meal. We look like tourist with taking pictures. That is a sailfish mount in the background. My guys all smiled so nicely.
Jack had fish tacos. They make the BEST! He walked away very full.

Son #1 had bacon-wrapped shrimp. In his mind, this is the ultimate combination of good foods. He's so lucky he doesn't have to watch his cholesterol.

Son #2 had chicken wings which he ate but claimed they were too spicy. I had a grilled mahi sandwich. While they did a very good job, I'm terribly spoiled with Jack's recipe. Nothing beats grandma's.... er...... Jack's.

Before leaving the marina, we walked the docks to look at the boats. A man was running some fresh water off his boat and it attracted a young manatee. Isn't he adorable? Click to enlarge him. Those are his nostrils taking in a deep breath.

Next, we headed back home. I got to enjoy my view from the pulpit. Little man showered me with Mother's Day kisses.....

.... while this handsome ladies' man drove us home.

It was such an enjoyable day. The adjustments that were made to the trim tab switches and raising the engine one notch all worked out well. Now the engine isn't dragging in the water any more.

(For those that love #'s, we ran 27 mph at 4700 rpm's today. Pre-makeover, we were running 27 mph at 4800-4900 rpms. We should be even more fuel efficient now.)

Happy Fishing Y'all. Looks like we're fishing in the tournament on Saturday. Look for a good report that day.

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