Monday, April 28, 2008

by Robin

Didn't everybody's family used to say that in the 70's or 80's?
(Hose pretending to be in use - left)

I sure hope that nobody needs to reach me on Thursday because I'm going to be on the river.

(see how it hides away? - right)

Friday, I might even go fishing!

(Hoses in bildge coming from the pick-up tube. T-valve allows water to go to livewell and washdown.)

(Pump hiding in right access door. Or is that left? port? I think Jack said this was 50 gpm.)
Teak wood is all done but 2 pieces waiting for installation on Thursday. I washed all the gold pole-holders down so they can be put back into the pole storage boxes on each side of the cockpit.
I think we're done........ except for those weekend wet-sanding projects on the inside gunnels saved for bad weather days. We're going to fish NOW because mahi mahi are running and we can stock up the freezer on a good day.

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