Sunday, February 17, 2008


They left this morning later than they wanted. To me, anything earlier than 7am is like splitting hairs. Since having kids & having Jack on 3rd shift, I don't do "early" like I used to. They were crossing Biscayne Bay, just south of Miami, about noon. Jack sounded so enthusiastic to be "up on plane" and headed home.

3PM update: They are about 30 miles south of WPB. Once they reach their destination, they will pull in for gas and lunch. They are flying, ha ha, at 21 knots up the coast. They're doing all they can do to get here at a decent time Monday so everyone can get their cars & rest before going to work on Tuesday.
WPB Trivia: This is 2nd home to Donald Trump & Tiger Woods, the Williams sisters, the late Adrian Rodgers (preacher), Stephanie Abrams (Weather Channel), Jimmy Buffet & many others singers, actors, & athletes.
It is also home to Sunfest, many Fine art exhibits and the National Horse Show (America's oldest show).
The city was founded by Henry Flagler, who began buying up property. The city went through a lull until Donald Trump & others revived it with his Trump Plaza & resurgent downtown nightlife. Cool, huh?
I'll update again tonight. Edited to add: The winds and seas have been building all day. It is really important that they make good time, stay close to the shore and get back to home port, Port Canaveral. The seas are building 4 ft to 6 ft tonight. Tomorrow, offshore, they will go 7 to 9 feet. Looks to me like the made the decision to not hang longer in the Keys.

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