Saturday, February 16, 2008

They left out of Marco Island at 9am and made the cruise down to Islamorada. At 3pm, Jack called saying he could see a bridge that they would go under and it would take them from Florida Bay over to the Atlantic Ocean. He mentioned hopes of doing a little trolling but when he called at 6pm, they had just arrived at the slip. They had to fuel up, get cleaned up and were starving for a good dinner and solid night's sleep.

I am so thankful that they had a spot w/ electricity and place of refuge to rest. They acted like they were going to be home by Sunday night, but my guess is they will only make it half way up and possibly having to stay in Ft. Pierce or somewhere like that. As long as they duck in somewhere to anchor, they will have a quiet rest for Sunday night.

The weather has picked up a bit and so the choppy waves made their trip to Islamorada longer than expected. Jack commented that Florida Bay was 3 ft deep inside the channel cut out for bigger boats. Oh my!! That isn't deep at all for a 32 ft boat. Jack sure is sharpening his driving skills on this trip. Big boat. Tight spaces. He's doing a wonderful job.

While we were on the phone, the most exciting thing to hear him say was an interruption. Yep, a big tarpon rolled right by the boat as we were talking. For an interesting side note, Islamorada means Purple Isle in Spanish. Because the water is so shallow, it has become a hotspot for bonefish fishing. Flyfishermen love this location.

I'll update again tomorrow after church.

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