Saturday, February 23, 2008

2 Steps forward, 1 Step Back

I'm not whining but just suffice it to say that I hate painting this boat. Ok, it's out there...

Remember we had paint that didn't dry after a few days. Then we painted over that paint. It was hardened but it ended up being moveable over the wet paint. It has.......well..... issues in some spots. Jack, eldest son and myself have spent our day removing all that paint from the console and around the inner sides of the boat. It has to come off and get done right. Also, Jack removed all the instruments from the instrument panel so when he paints that over again, it will have a more pleasing appearance than as if it had been taped.

My only sane moments were spent in the garden earlier. I'll make a reports over on the Raising Fishermen blog tonight or tomorrow. 2008/02/garden-report-

We have had rain today but worked through those slight showers.

Happy Fishing,

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