Monday, February 11, 2008

COBIA SKUNKING & New Adventure to come....

Anytime I don't end up writing immediately about fishing, you will know there is a skunking involved. Jack came home with ice and leftover sandwiches.
As you can see from all the photos, there was no sun out on Saturday over the Port area. Without sun, it is near-impossible to find any fish by sight. They'd have to literally swim up to the boat to see them. Also, NOAA forecasters claimed it was 1.7 ft at 7 sec wave period and they unfortunately didn't get it right. It's not a perfect measuring system. Sometimes you get out there and it is the opposite.

Here is a picture of Al, Jack's coworker, and his boat. It is a Cobia brand 20 or 21 ft boat.

I don't know who's boat this is but it was part of the line-up waiting for a trailer to pull up and go home.
Next time we'll get 'em.
Stay tuned for next weekend's reports. Jack is helping a friend go pick up his new 32 ft boat from St. Petersburg. There is no trailer to transport it across the peninsula, so that means that they are going around Florida via ocean. It should be such an adventure. As they travel around the tip of Florida, they are going to throw the lines out and troll for mahi or whatever hits the line.
Happy Fishing y'all!

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