Saturday, December 01, 2007


No, not a zebra, but close.........
Here is Jack (above) showing off his new MAKO 248 Placard and also the double stripes that he put on the side yesterday. Nice job honey. The top stripe is larger - 1". The bottom one is more like a pencil's width. It is a product offered by West Marine.

Today, he finished wet sanding the other side, buffed it and put the same look & placard on the other side.

It looks so attractive and I must say it makes it look like new, minus the blue tarp.

How did he get that line to follow the boat's curves? I'll have to download the custom template Jack made to solve that problem and show you tomorrow or the next day.

We ran the engine again today to continue charging the batteries. It purrs like a kitten on gasoline. LOL. Jack told me that he hopes to have the boat done by the first of January. We shall see. So far, it looks possible. At least, we should end up having a whole lot less rain delays than we had in August - October.

Local info: Red Tide has hit the beaches of Cape Canaveral. It is the worst they have seen in years. Dead fishies are washing up on the beach and many residents & visitors are having respiratory problems. Red tide is caused by algae bloom. It probably is a blessing we aren't able to get out onto the water.

Happy Fishing,


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