Monday, December 24, 2007


We headed here for a couple of hours today, but it was very gloomy and eventually started sprinkling on us.
It never ceases to amaze me that people are playing right next to the sign that says, "Keep off of Rocks." There are 3 signs all 30 ft from these people and yet, they're all over the rocks. Sheesh!

These barnacles are all over the rocks and will cut you up!

Enjoy these holiday pictures! It was too cold to be shirtless & wet, but they did it because they're young & full of energy.
My oldest making a volcano out of sand.
You'll have to put up with some of my artsy pics.

Too purplish/blue, but it sure looks a lot more cheerful than the gray original.

This next one is better.

Gorgeous sandollar found intact on the beach. Well, that was until I sqashed it with the cooler about 30 min later.

Here's my fisherman. Braving cold waves simply to wet a hook. Sorry dear, skunked again. No fish came to play.

This was our first spot, but we moved to the rocks to protect us from the northerly winds.

This guy.... oh my.... loves every single shell on the beach and brought them home as a gift for me.

Then join me over on Raising Fishermen for a crustacean-christmas-eve-dinner. Little man did not want anything to do with shellfish so he opted to make his own PBJ early-on.

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