Tuesday, December 11, 2007


There are actually quite a few things going on with the boat but I haven't been posting them. Jack took some berevement time this week. We received a lovely potted plant from his company. Working on the boat has been good therapy inbetween the rough moments.
Jack has focused on the cuddy cabin top. There were 2 major spider cracks up there that were drilled out, filled and sanded. He also repaired a big chunk missing from the back corner of the boat. It looks as if it was damaged while in production (dropped?) and then they threw the rubber rail over it and nobody was the wiser.
Jack also removed the one set of stripes down the port side of the boat. It wasn't eye-pleasing. He tells me that he will also end up repainting that side for a 3rd time. As an artist, I understood what he was saying. You couldn't feel any flaws with your fingers, but the original runs never weren't removed thoroughly and so they show up under the paint. I don't understand how it happens, but sure enough, they are there. As a wife, I walked away with hands over my ears. I don't want to know or be a part of it.

Today, was garage clean-up day in the afternoon. Jack helped me in the house all morning so I would have no excuse but to spend time in the garage with him. LOL. It was worth all the effort too. Everything is back in its 'home' and I don't have to worry about tripping any more.

I also discovered a surprised in my garden today. I had not 1, but 2 tomatoes almost fully ripened!! Yeah. They are a good baseball size.

I had more bell peppers.

My back row of brussels have their sprouts finally.

My biggest cauliflower looks to be hiding something very special at her very center. I didn't pry the leaves, but I think I have my first head growing. I just love this photo.
It was such a lovely day that after the kids finished up their workbook subjects, I let them do their history & science reading on the back porch. I was in the kitchen chopping veggies and Jack was mesquite smoking up these thigh quarters. The smell was just fantastic.
It's days like these that I have to laugh at all our northern friends. They love the change of seasons. For me, I'd rather have a winter where we can dress in t-shirts, enjoy 4 months of no mosquitos & low humidity and still get out and exercise. I could not stay indoors for months while waiting for snow to thaw.
More boat updates in a day or two.

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Crowzma said...

Um, Robin? We don't stay inside waiting for the snow to thaw! We go out in it and either actively enjoy it for what it is, or go about our business as if it isn't there. And some of us can't WAIT to be comfortable in snuggly clothes and get out of those awful shorts and t-shirts. I guess that's why they call 'em horse races, huh?