Saturday, December 22, 2007


I know I have no right to complain since I was in shorts & a t-shirt w/ jacket today, but still..... I miss my pool, my fishing pole, my ocean, my tan and my time off of homeschooling. I don't know what it is about 90 deg heat, but after awhile, you get addicted to it.

Jack and I are going to put a big effort into completing the cuddy & upper decking of our Mako 248 in January. We don't lack much and we're sorely missing fishing and water life. Before you know it, the cobia will be passing through in huge numbers and soon to follow behind them will be the spring run of mahi mahi. Oh my.......... I can't hardly wait. It is MY idea of a holiday season.

Christmas is beautiful that we remember Jesus's birth and we gather with family & good eats. But.......but...., every year, our family waits for March & April like a lion stalking an antelope. It is our family hobby. We make so many memories on the water fishing together. I especially can't wait to try out the better camera on the blue water.

Funny, but true story....
Jack hates it when I make everybody stop what they're doing in the boat to take pictures. Stop. Smile. Oh wait. Flash. (yes, flash in sun helps) Wait, not focused, ok, one more. Cheese. You know the drill. Lots of pictures that he is too impatient to pose for. How many times was he ready to gaff a fish and I had a camera in my hand. Oops. HOWEVER, as soon as we get home and the boat is put up, it is a stampede to get the memory stick loaded onto the harddrive. My biggest fan of viewing the pics that moment is Jack. We love to relive and retell the stories. All that confusion on the boat is melted away and the pictures are a wonderful way to preserve that day.

I will leave you with a few pictures to warm your hearts as you sit in snow or taking time away from holiday dishes & cooking.

Merry Christmas to all!!!
May your skies be blue and your fish coolers full of fish.

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Angela said...

Yay! It looks so much warmer there than here! It's actually sleeting here - great for making the house and fireplace feel warm and cozy, but not so great for our guests coming from TN and AL.

Merry Christmas you guys!