Saturday, December 29, 2007


Ok, so it is only a whiting, caught surf fishing. However, it did take some of the fishing withdrawls away. I had 2 poles going for approx 4 hrs. The minute I heard my cell phone go off, this guys thought it was safe to steal bait. Little did he know that the same guy that beats me to the phone is also the guy who beats me to the pole. (w/ my blessing, of course)
At least he enteretained me a lot. We also played football. His brother did the same handstands, only stranger looking. (look-mom.html) You've got to see the picture.

When I had nearly caught 3 tourists & 1 surfer on my line, it was time to pack it up and hit the fishing pier. We stayed an hour but only had nibbles. Nobody else was catching fish, so we packed it up and headed home to determine the amount of sunburning.
It had been rumored that somebody caught pompano off the pier, but after being up there, I'm not sure how much truth there was to it. Pompano love the beach & surf rushing through their fins.
Happy New Year.

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