Wednesday, December 05, 2007


As long as the boat is stil down, there will continue to be garden reports. I am really loving having a garden again. It's like getting a gift every week when I find something to pick in there.

I have been enjoying the peppers for some time but now the cherry tomatoes are ripening every few days. Yummy! There is nothing in the store that compares to homegrown ones.

My brussels continue to be slow growing. I have to be patient.

My cauliflower looks so strong. It is hard to believe I have to wait another couple weeks for the white part to grow.

My carrots are approx 4 in long, so I have begun picking them as needed. They should top out at 6", but I'm eating the bigger ones already.

My herbs are such a blessing as I come across a need for them in a recipe. They add much to a recipe. Last week, we had thyme on our fish. Delicious!! This week, I'm going to have it in a chicken recipe. It won't be long before I can start using my green onions as well.

Ok...... this one has nothing to do with garden, fish or boats. I just wanted to make your mouth water. Here are my perfectly grilled baby back ribs. My guys ate them UP!!!

Happy Gardening & Holiday cooking!

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