Saturday, November 10, 2007

We're all coming down with Jack's cold so we opted Friday to stay in the house most the day. By the late afternoon, Jack was ready to do something so he went outside to sand on the transom.

He first used 1000 grit sandpaper & water lightly to buff out any imperfections. We had a run on the corner and then some bugs were attracted to the paint fumes. "Orange peel" looks like it sounds and can have varying degrees in your paint job. Mostly ours was minimal but still you want to wet sand over to remove any of that to make the paint smooth as glass. When that was done, he went over it again with 1500 grit.

Last, he used some buffing compound to bring out the shine. He has some really nice machine that does all this quickly. See, I can even put some lipstick on in the mirror.

Now, the boat will sit and await her engine bracket and engine to be placed back onto her either Wed or Thurs. Jack's schedule is going through a slight tweaking so things are up in the air.

Happy Fishing,


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Renee said...

The boat looks AWESOME!!

The lipstick pic is SOOOO funny!