Thursday, November 22, 2007

Here are some preliminary pictures as she was running today. Overall, we had little hiccups & she should run flawlessly next start-up.

She got a new water pump put in. Then, Jack had to resize the water pick-up tube to fit the new foot length. (Remember, we went from a 25" length down to 20".)
After that was all put together, she had a minor leak. Everything was pulled off again and reset-up and done again. Minor leak the 2nd go around. (Stream below words shouldn't be there; stream on left side should be stronger)

Third time was the charm & sealant was also applied. We will let it all harden overnight and try again the next open day. We have our holiday company coming tomorrow, so there may be little work done on the boat. We will be having our famous Lady's Bouillabaisse seafood soup. Can't wait to hit the fish market and see what's good behind the case. Be sure to join me on Raising Fishermen blog to see those pictures. We made this earlier in the summer and I couldn't wait to have it again.
Happy Thanksgiving All!

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