Thursday, November 15, 2007


Boring title but I wanted to be easy to search in my personal archives. What I *wanted* to call it was "Less Junk to Trip On in my Garage."
Today was fairly easy yet exciting as FIRST CHOICE is starting to look like a boat that will be used again one day. The engine bracket is back on and so are a few other little parts on the transom (back part of the boat). It was so much easier bolting things on vs removing all those corroded parts. Everything was sealed up to prevent saltwater leakage getting back into the wood.
Tomorrow, Jack and our eldest have a Father/Son day (see Raising Fishermen). Since they have already changed Jack's schedule again, he now has Saturday off. This change will permit us to have an extra day to put the engine back onto the bracket, on the boat.

I'm so excited. I may get to see floor in the garage very soon!! (just kidding.... sort of) We had dinner out yesterday at our favorite "by the water" restaurant. It made us all homesick for being on the water. It couldn't be a more perfect weather type day. The boat lot was full of trucks and trailers. One day.............. soon.

Happy Fishing,


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