Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I had no idea how I was going to spend that extra hour of daylight savings time that I gained back until it dawned on me that I could play with all those useless photos of fish & their heads that I never blog about.

Can you guess the species when dressed in the wrong colors? I love the electric blue in his eye.

This was Jack's 44 lber.

Who am I? Angry long fish?

Love our blue table?
These 2 were already beautiful colors so I went metallic with them.

This fish was a genetic defect. He had no eyes. I have no idea why he adapted this way. What am I?

Here is the male version of this species.

Look at his female counterpart.

Isn't she gorgeous?

This guys reminds me of those funky cars you see that are painted in those dual colors. From one direction, they're green and the other is purple.

I don't expect you to get this exact species but the fish family should be easy.
* * * * * *

Tomorrow starts the new weekend for Jack but he has been down in the bed with the flu for three days. He was actually more awake today so I hope he's able to move some tomorrow. I doubt he'll be full force on the boat though. We have friends coming over Thursday to help with the trailer.
Me? Well, I'm doing my best to NOT get sick. Yesterday I had a terrible sore throat. Praise God it is gone today. I went a bit bonkers with the fresh fruit trying to Vit C my immune system to 150% efficiency.

Don't forget the family blog as well about Raising Fishermen.

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