Thursday, November 01, 2007

Noel continues its devastation in the Caribbean, proving deadly in Haiti and Dom Rep. All Wed (Halloween), we had sunny weather with a slight breeze. Today, we've woken up to gray skies and sporatic showers.

This will leave us unable to paint, yet another week. So, it is time to focus on other projects as to not delay getting back to the water. As soon as the boat is painted, it needs to be placed back onto the trailer, so this is just as much a priority to work on the trailer.

Yesterday, Jack got the call to pick up our pressure-treated bunks. Oh my, these things must weight over 100 lbs each. I could not even carry one side of them. We were so thankful a neighbor was nearby to help.
Jack is off to pick up the hardware to get these bunks set. I told Jack to call up buddies to hold this wood tomorrow for placing them into the hardware.
In the photo, you can see them laid on their sides. They are 13 ft x 13" deep, with an angle cut on the topside to fit the boat's hull. They will be covered with carpet to prevent scratching. The rollers are gone forever!

Happy Saint's Day,

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