Saturday, November 17, 2007


Well, most of it...... the rest gets added later once we have power attached to it again.

It has been a long 3 months of waiting for this day to come. I don't even know if I have words to express the long exhaustion up unto this point. The funniest, no... saddest, part comes when friends and family get all excited that we'll be fishing again soon and I have to tell them that we aren't. Now that we're [primarily] done with the exterior, we'll be restoring the interior parts of the boat. Theoretically, this should go faster for a couple reasons. First, there is less to issues getting to it (i.e. removing engine, blocking the boat). Everything has already been removed. Its ready to be worked right now. Secondly, there is less damage on those areas. We want to address some spider cracks on the cuddy top and a couple nicks on the topsides. Our main fix will be the helm area to make the like new again. Third, it should be quicker because we've learned from out painting mistakes the first time around. We lost a good week or so due to repainting, retenting, & resanding. Not fun. Last, we lost 3 wks due to consistent rain during Jack's 'weekends'. Florida has officially begun it's dry season. Threats of hurricanes are gone. Tropical fronts are replaced by cold fronts and sunny days. Thanksgiving will slow us down a little but not much. We are looking forward to having family over and eating great seafood with them.
Also, I caught these two together when I reappeared in the garage. I always knew there was another love in Jack's life. ha ha.
Electrical lines & hoses all get hooked up sometime next week.
Happy Fishing & Thanksgiving,

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dephal said...

I love the slide show movie you have running!! And I am so envious over than manatee--I think manatees are really cool. :-)