Saturday, November 24, 2007


Capt Jack got us a new camera on Friday morning so we could get better fish pictures, but for now, I'm using it for garden shots.

See my baby Brussell Sprouts bud developing? We're close to 90 days at this point.

Here is one of my green tomatos. The original is spectacular as it glistens in the sun.

I call this one the onion forest. The dirt is perfectly focused but you feel so closed in by the onion tops.

My sister took this picture of my full garden. Wow, good shot sis!! It looks overgrown but it isn't. Everything is very healthy & happy.
My friend that gave me my original Hurricane Cherry tomatoes came over tonight and loved seeing how that plant has surved another few years at somebody else's home.

This leaf close-up reminded me a bit of a Christmas tree of the tomato kind. In the original, the whole leave is glittered up by the sun dancing on those tiny hairs. You can almost see a tree image in pic.
Friday, Jack got his new MAKO 248 placards in the mail. Yeah. They are adhesive and he did put one of them on the boat today. I have a pic but forgot to downsize it. I'll show it next time I blog. A man from the Classic Mako site did all the engraving to look very close to the original set that were hardened, broken & faded from 20 years of sun damage.
Last but not ever least, please remember Capt Jack's Grandma Mary in your prayers. Her time left here on earth is short. We are heart-broken as she is near & dear to our hearts. She was born & raised in Key West & partly the Dry Tortugas. She led an amazing 97 years of life.
Happy Fishing,

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