Thursday, July 19, 2007

Snapper Lunch and Lobster Season

Yesterday, we finally had a moment to cook our snapper from last week. We had vacuum-packed about 9 bags and so we did a quick-thaw in warm water. Note: Not HOT water or else that may cook your fish.

After it is thawed, we like to rinse it, check it once more for bones to be cut out, then put it on a platter and dry the filets. Next, Jack puts on whatever seasonings he is "feeling" that particular day. A week or so ago, I had some Greek-seasoned shrimp from a restaurant, so Jack took that idea and put it onto the Red Snapper. I have to say that I loved it on the shrimp even though it treaded out of my mild comfort zone and was medium in heat. Maybe they added some tabasco.
Next, we take it to the grill and make sure that the first side has a wonderful color & slight crust to it. To the right, you can see that the piece on the right is heavily seasoned and the ones on the left are less seasoned. I'm thinking we cooked at least 3 lbs of meat. These were thick filets. Jack likes to call the local fish market and determine price. Market price for snapper is $14.99/lb. WOW.

Anyhow, I had mine seasoned lightly and that was a big mistake. Jack's piece was much better than mine. Snapper has a good white meat without much oil, which gives the fishy taste. So, while it wasn't seasoned perfectly, it was still very good.

Most days, I pretend to be a vegan.... LOL.... that is, with the exception of my love for fish and seafood. So, to the left, you can see that I have prepared 2 sides. One is a cucumber salad and the other is a tomato/olive salad with cilantro. Why not combine the 2? Dh get bad indigestion with the cukes. I also make the guys whatever sides they also ask for because they are not vegans.

My 2nd part of the post is to mention that July 25-26th is the sport season for Spiny Lobster. Jack has his diver's certification but hasn't dove in quite some time, so we tend to sit this season out. However, one day, I hope that we will all be certified and able to take the boat to the Keys for Lobster season. I don't know who this is..... I only have the picture to show you a Spiny Lobster, aka Florida Lobster. Notice that they do not have claws.
True lobster season opens August 6th for everyone. The 2 day season next week is just for recreational divers.
Also, 1 more reminder......... SHARK WEEK begins July 29th, I believe. I am looking forward to that, as I do every year.
Bon Appetite,

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