Friday, July 27, 2007

Lobster Diver Vanishes Off Brevard County Coast
"It wasn't a very deep dive, roughly 75-80 feet," said friend Gary Heidelberg. "He was coming up when we expected him to, but the bubbles just stopped." (the rest of the story is here) Also, check out the video link and you'll see the docks where we put our boat in.

Gary H. is a member of our fishing forum and wrote in twice yesterday about what he saw and did to try to find his friend & diving partner of 12 years.
"Not wasting time to pull on wetsuit top or gloves, I jumped in and made a beeline to the bottom. Pretty quickly I found his net, spear (he used for a tickle stick) and lobster inn lying together on the top of the ledge. I stuck my head under the ledge to see if he was trapped, but he wasn't there. I turned around and saw Blake had jumped in behind me. We had a quick underwater conversation, and started zigzagging back and forth across the ledge going out on the sand in both directions and looking under every ledge. We burned our tanks finding nothing but the lobster gear."

Another two of our forum members were there in their boats, one being No Doubt (in video) to look for Johnny. It has been a very sad day for our local fishing/diving community. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Sandbury family, Gary & the diving partners, the community of divers that participated in the rescue and US Coast Guard as the are still searching for the body.

Rest in Peace John,

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floridamom said...

I just came to your blog from the HSL. I saw this on the news, and am sorry to hear that the missing diver is connected to your fishing community. Not that it would be any less sad if he wasn't, but it always hits closer to home when you have a connection.