Saturday, July 14, 2007


As you can see, Jack and friend, John C went far east of Port Canaveral and caught their limit of Red Snapper. Jack says the big guy was his first and it nearly gave him a heart-attack to bring up. They limited out on keeper snapper in a very short time and tried trolling but it was some awful weather today.
They left the port entrance approx 7am and came back in at 2pm. Jack said they ran into many 4 ft seas with a 5 footer thrown in once in a while.
John was so nice to share with Jack his favorite snapper hole. Mind you, he did not give us the GPS coordinates, but he led the way with his GPS. Fishermen's secrets usually die with them. A consistant-producing area would be considered gold in these parts.

While Jack hit the port at 2pm, he did not make the house until closer to 4pm. He cleaned fish for an hour!

We had 2 huge popcorn bowls filled with meat from the 4 fish. We always do our best to keep the meat chilled during the whole process.

In the end, we vacuum-packed nine bags of snapper filets for the future. John was kind enough to decline keeping his fish since he already had a freezer full. Now, we do too.
I was rather glad to see the guys come back to port by 2pm because the t-storms rolled in like clockwork. To me, it is very scary to be caught on the water with a big electrical storm near you.
Have a wonderful weekend!
PS: Jack saw that big tripletail (from last week) in the inlet again today.

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