Friday, July 20, 2007

Cold Updwelling

This is mostly for my notes (not too interesting for anybody else). It was a blessing to stay home today and not fish. I read three fishing reports on our local forum and all of them told the same story with the same ending. Cold water on the bottom w/ slime on weights, bait hard to find, 86-90 deg on surf temps and current ripping at 4mph = no fish. Unless you were fishing 27 fathoms with 3 lbs of weights, you weren't touching the fish.

I'm glad we didn't waste the gas today. Tomorrow, Jack and I get to attend a wedding just off the beach at sunset. Should be beautiful! Can't wait to dance with my hubby and then have a walk on the beach with my babe.


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Andy Rayner said...

Hi Robin
Thanks for the comments on the blog today. When you read the Hsing article you will see how our HSing journey is different than the; "All serious Christians need to HS or they are not faithful to God" types.
Anyway, The Lobster season was good. Most were down this year, but we went slightly up in our catches.
The counter - there are lots of free ones that just give you numbers. I use because it shows you where people are from etc. Just click the link on my blog and click "home" - sign up for your own an account. You can choose the style of meter, etc. But the main thing is it will give you HTML text to Copy & paste into your blog that runs it.

Then on your blog go to your "Template" add a page element and click HTML and paste the HTML in there. And it now works. Then you can go back and play with his options.