Tuesday, November 07, 2006

VOTING, not Boating 11/7/06

Did you vote today? We did our duty and voted this afternoon. Please, vote your conscience!! (see my banana sticker too?)

Before Jack came in to vote with me, he ended up doing a little Christmas shopping with the guys from work. Are you thinking Penney's? Nope. How about Zales? Nope. Maybe something from Target? Nope. C'mon ladies, this is a fishing blog!! It was Bass Pro Shop in Orlando.

It was pre-arranged with me that our gifts to each other would be new Saltist reels. A His/Her set.

In times past, we opted not to give gifts to each other. When we decided not to buy the house last week, we decided to do gifts this year for the first time in a long while.

I know that you ladies must think it strange for a woman to settle on a reel for a gift, but it's true. That's what I really wanted. Don't underestimate the value either ladies. This definitely is up there with multiple pair of shoes. ha ha We have nice Penn reels, but they seem to fail us when anything big gets on the hook end. They weren't designed for 15+ lb fish. The Saltist is.

Jack couldn't decide [vote] on which one he wanted, so he came home with two types. 50H (high-speed gears) and the 50 (lower torque). Both came highly recommended. Jack put 300 yds of 80lb Powerpro braided line on both reels. (the green stuff)

Quoted from Sport-fishing Magazine:
With gear ratios of 6.4-to-1, these reels can rip in over 47 inches of line with every crank of the handle.
Like other Saltist reels, the new high-speeds are built to handle today's ultrastrong braided lines, starting with their rigid-aluminum alloy frames and sideplates. The combination of rigid drive-train support and gear ratio gives the reels a serious advantage in both torque and speed. Four ball bearings and a roller bearing add efficiency to the drive-train support, with Daiwa's special CRBB anticorrosion ball bearings supporting the spool. The CRBB bearings reportedly last up to 12 times longer in a saltwater environment than ordinary stainless-steel ball bearings.

We found longevity in salt to be another selling point. Buy it once and forget about it.

Seas are currently 7.5 ft but dying down to 2 ft by Friday. It looks like we may get to try out the new reels this weekend.

Merry Christmas to us!

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Crowzma said...

Wait. You decided not to buy the house? Did I miss something?

Congratulations on your Saltist. It sounds perfect!