Tuesday, November 14, 2006

11/14/06 On the water again.......

She barely got her "Soft Scrub" and "Clorox-Clean-up" bath and Jack has taken her out again. I'm here homeschooling the boys. When he took some pictures of Saturday into work, the other fishing buddies were showing signs of withdrawls. So, they're going to put in a half-day of fishing and head back to shore by 2pm. These guys are all night-shifters too.

I saw the on fishing forum that many guys were planning to head out tomorrow; however, it looks like the weather is turning worse. 2-3 ft seas, increasing to 3-5 ft in the afternoon. YIKES!! I'm glad my man is in 1.3ft seas (7 sec wave period) and .7 ft wind wave. In other words, it's smooth out there.

I hope to have a late night post with some fishy pictures.

Here is a picture of Jack on Sun am with his Red Grouper from Saturday.

Flat seas!

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