Wednesday, November 15, 2006

9/15/06 Fish cleaning day!

Normally we come in late from fishing and Jack has to get sleep to stay on his schedule, so the task of cleaning fish comes the next morning. We've tried sitting over the top of the cooler but your back starts hurting soon. We moved all the appliances off the one kitchen counter and clean in there, but that's only suitable for smaller fish. Honestly, I felt like I didn't want my whole kitchen contaminated with fish germs. So, it was laid on my heart to take a tall table outside and cover it was plastic and get ready to clean fish outside. When Jack came in from work, he had this mixed emotional look on his face. He sighed saying, "I'm tired of you reading my mind." I had to laugh. I didn't mean to.

Anyhow, everything is bagged up. (Thanks Mom & Dad for the Food Saver last Christmas! )
Left: Snapper with a tag sticking out of the top. We will call in this number and get more info about where this fish was caught before.

We ate our share of the Black Fin Tuna. It was okay. I think we may have cooked it wrong. It was a little dry.
The kids had the Trigger fish filets. It was delicious, as I tried a little bit.
Do you want to know why it is called a trigger?
You see that spike on the top? It will stay in a locked position no matter how much you push on the spike. BUT, if you push that little spike in the back, it will un-trigger the locked spike and both spines lay down in the groove God made for it to sit into.
Cool, huh?
Another interesting fact, Triggers to not have scales like other fish, nor smooth skin. They have these mini-armoured plates with a touch of velcro to them. One way they're smooth. The other way, it is rough but with a stickiness to it. They also have very human-like teeth.
Eat Fresh Fish!!

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