Tuesday, November 14, 2006

11/14/06 Red Snapper, Blk-fin Tuna & more
No report to speak of as the Captain was 2.5 hrs later than expected getting in. He needed to sleep.

I do know that they were getting only sharks the first couple of hours, so then they started to troll in 120 ft of water. That's when they got the little Black Fin Tuna and the 12 lb Bonita.

Bonita is not good to eat, but they are generally kept by fishermen to use as bait when cut-up to troll with later. This is a REALLY large Bonita.

At some point, it was getting towards heading in time and so they were trolling over to our favorite spot, Pelican Flats. Before they could get there, Jack sees the 'honeyhole' loaded with fish on his Fish Finder at 86 ft depth. Every time they drifted the area, they picked up Snapper. Some too small, but 4 big enough to keep. Also, there was one barely short of legal Gag grouper they had to release.

Here is my older son pictured with a Grey Trigger fish. They have some big ol' teeth and tough skin. I am NOT going to clean this fish tomorrow.

The guys took NO pictures because they said there were too busy catching fish. So, when my son and I were rearranging the fish in layers of ice, we snapped these pictures.

Take a kid fishing!!


Sharie said...

Man! You guys do some fishing!! I have to say, I don't even care to eat fish if it looks like fish...it has to be breaded beyond recognition for me! So to see you catching, cleaning, and EATING these fish, that's pretty amazing! What great memories you're making for the boys! That sunrise a few days ago looks gorgeous! Sharie

AJR said...

Don't ya kinda think taking kids FISHING is an irresponsible use of their time? Why would I do a FUN thing like that?:-) :-) ;-)

Great pictures. Have not checked your blog for a while. We just do not have much for sport fish up north Eh! But looks soooo fun.