Friday, November 17, 2006

11/17/06 A Christian Snook???

Angler's 12-pound snook has unusual double line

BY BILL SARGENT of Florida Today

In 30 years, angler Brett Hedleston figures he has caught over 1,000 snook, most of them in the fall of the year along the surf near his Cocoa Beach home.
But there was something uncharacteristically different about the 12-pounder he pulled onto the beach last week.
Instead of the single distinct black lateral line that runs along the body of every snook the 32-inch fish had grown a double lateral line at a point midway along its side.
"Where the lines overlap it looks a lot like the Ichchys," said Hedleston, 43, a religious man and member of the non-denominational Club Zion Church.
"I've never seen this before. It's really rare," Hedleston said.
Ichchys is the classical Greek word for fish, and it's also associated with the fish symbol representing Christianity.
Like most of the snook he catches, Hedleston cleaned the catch and gave filets to friends, among them Keith Capizzi, pastor of his church.
"But I've kept the skin so I can show people," he added. "I think it has a special meaning and I'm lucky to have caught it."

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