Sunday, November 12, 2006

11/11/06 Red Grouper, Lane Snapper & Bucket-o-BlkSeaBass!!

I'm knee deep in stuff to do today, but thought I'd post up some teaser photos with editing later to add the stories.

Up at 4am, on the road at 5am, clear the port by 6am, greeted by the most beautiful sunrise. I know it sounds like a Fisherman's Fairytale story beginning, but it looks more like the stampede of Gold Rush miners.

The first few spots around 30 mi offshore and working back towards shore, we pulled up 10 sharks in a row. Not fun when pulling them for 150-228 ft.

This was actually shark #11 caught by son #1. I then proceeded to catch shark #12 before we didn't have another one show up. All sharks were released in great condition, although I *wanted* to kill #12 for popping me in the thigh. Thank goodness he did not chomp me.

This smile says it all. First pass and we hooked up with nice black sea bass (BlkSB), so we stopped and anchored there for a few hours.

Son #1 landed one of the first and it ended up being one of the largest ones in the bunch.

Not to be outdone by his brother, my little man brings up the biggest Lane Snapper of the day. He was happier than this but I should confess this is the 4th picture. All the others had my finger in the picture too.

Now, we've got some competition going here (not to mention, some dinner).

The top fish is BlkSB and bottom was a grunt which gets released.

Half-time REPORT

Lots of BlkSB and 3 Lane Snappers

Being the competitive Sports-fishing Mom that I am, I thought I'd win the pot for the largest, most unusual and most difficult to release categories.

Yes, it is a Sea Turtle, hooked in the flipper and then managed to wrap himself up. Yes, the will try to bite you. Yes, they bite at the boat. Yes, I held the flipper. Yes, the hook should fall out in 2 days or less. Yes, he should live a happy, long life.

The passing-by dolphins noticed the turtle struggling and were markedly distressed by the situation. They hung out for a short while, very close to the boat, clicking and doing tail-flaps to show their distress over the situation.

Right at sunset, Jack lands this beautiful Red Grouper and he goes into the box.

About 30 min later, we head home, in the dark. I was a bit unnerved but everything went fine.

This morning's cooler shot.
Nice grouper!

Final tally:
14 BlkSB
4 Lane Snapper
1 Sand Perch
1 Red Grouper

12 sharks
1 Sand Perch
1 Lizard Fish
1 Turtle
Lots of BlkSB, grunts, 2 short Vermillion Snapper, 1 short Am Red Snapper

PS Those new Saltist reels are fantastic. My arms are sore. All the fish are cleaned. Lunch was fantastic!!

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