Monday, October 10, 2011

FIRST CHOICE IS BACK HOME!!! (Grand applause!!!)
by Robin


As Jack said, "We have 'been there and done that' with the marina life. I can see where it would be very appealing to live out on your boat, in a marina, during good weather; however, having it stored in a shipyard wasn't working as much as we hoped it would.

I don't regret going to a marina for the spring mahi run, but by the end of summer, when the days were long, we began to regret not getting to stay out much longer. We're both very independant people and wanted to not live according to the hours of the guy who runs the forklift. (kwim?)

(see our new brakes??)

Plus, Jack didn't realize how much he was going to miss tinkering on her in the evening or on unfishable weekends. There were many things he would have seen about if we had had shade, a accessibility to tools and didn't have to make such a drive to the port. It was time to bring her home and do some winter maintenance

First, we made sure we had everything in working order. Second, we built the 3rd driveway for storage (see earlier post).

Then, after getting her home, we bought 30 ft of light PVC pipe and made a bit of a 'rib' or frame for keeping the tarp high. This was to keep the rain from making puddles, or pools, in the low parts of the boat.

Then, it took all 4 of us of pulling on this tarp to get it to cover the boat. Wow, it was much heavier than I expected.


The tarp is more than just an umbrella for the boat. It will keep the dead oak leaves from falling into the boat & littering it with debris between fishing trips. It will take some work, but not much once we get into the routine on how best to get it up there.

Happy Fishing. Maybe we can go next weekend, weather permitting.

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