Wednesday, October 05, 2011

10/3/11 - OFFSHORE
by Robin

Well, it's that time of year when the temps are cooling off, the tropical winds & hurricanes are lessening and we can start back with fishing.

Jack took a couple coworkers out fishing. The plan, originally, was to dive for fish. However, NOAA didn't give them good feelings, so they decided to leave the tanks home and bring poles instead.

They trolled most the morning. Put lines out at 90 ft depth and continued east. They came across a large sargassum weed mat going north/south at a depth of 135 ft. Jack said he trolled that for close to 10 miles without a single fish in the box. He did get some knock-downs and baits torn. Later, he brought 3 barracuda to the boat & released them. But, that didn't seem to pan out, so they continued trolling eastward.

Jack says the ocean was gorgeous. Nice, gentle rolling waves with a long period between sets. Still nothing in the box.

One of his friends brings along a set of numbers to do some 'bottom-dropping' for fish off the bottom. The first place produced many large chocolate chip porgy. I believe Jack said it was like 13-ish, but they lost count. They kept the biggest to take home for dinner.

(Btw, I googled "Chocolate Chip Porgy" to find a picture for you and the only link that popped was MY blog from back in 2009... Bottom fishing - CC Porgies )

The guys came into the marina, just as they were closing. They cleaned fish and so I have no pictures for you. I'm trying to procure some from one of the coworkers, but I'm not sure what I'll get. No telling w/ a boat full of guys.

Tuesday, Jack's family rolled into town and we were glad to serve them a fresh Porgy fish fry for dinner. They were so delicious, I had to restrain myself.

I absolutely can't wait to get back out on the water next weekend. It's been about 6 wks for me.

Happy Fishing!!

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