Sunday, June 28, 2009

TURTLES, FEET and VIDEO, oh my!!!
by Robin

Ok, there is no theme to this post. I just wanted to show them to you.

On our way back west, from the barracuda trip, we trolled right past a sleeping turtle. Most sea turtles see us and take a quick dive down, but this one did not wake up. I guess he was in a deep REM. The kids and I were on the front and we weren't paying attention to what was in front of us. Jack could not see him at all with all of us distracting him on the front.

So, I see "Tommy Turtle" last second, flip on the camera and take this shot. He continued to snooze until the wake of our boat woke him up. You could almost see his eyes get as big as dinner plates and then he dove down.


Here, we're done trolling and zooming back home because a storm is brewing. I love feet shots. Don't ask me why. This reminds me to warn you..... don't get a croc suntan. You'll have polka-dots all summer on your feet.


But then I noticed something with taking the first shot. My eldest's feet are almost the same size as mine. Oh dear...... it's happening. He's outgrowing me.


Well, these shots make it look like we weren't moving on the water, so I took a movie of us. Hope you enjoy it. I wish the seas were always this calm.

Happy Fishing,

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