Wednesday, June 24, 2009

by Robin

With food prices being what they are these days, who has the $$s to go out and eat at fancy restaurants. So, with that in mind, I'm tellin' ya, go to your favorite wholesale, bargain, bulk-loving store and pick up a bag of frozen scallops from their freezer dept. (Get some fresh veggies while you're at it too.) For $20, you can easily get 2 dinners out of a bag of scallops, unless you have a pretty big family. (And you know who you are!)

Thaw, rinse and dry off your scallops first. Do not buy stingray plugs. Get real scallops.

Roll them in your favorite coatings - flour, corn meal, pre-pkg frying stuff, salt, pepper, garlic powder, Old Bay, whatever you want. Coat it much better than this one is....

I think Jack made up 3 varieties of coatings and used them all. Parmesian cheese even sounds good if you have that.

Here, Jack is frying them in a teflon pan filled with some olive oil and probably a slab of Smart Balance (fake butter). A light virgin olive oil is better.

After each side is pretty crunchy, put them on a plate to cool. I like to use a little paper towel to soak up my grease. (Usually Jack does too, but not here apparently.)

Meanwhile, have your sides going and ready to finish at the same time. Scoop & serve. This is very delicious and pretty healthy meal. Fresh squash, red skinned potatoes (coated w/ Smart Balance Light - totally dairy free) and some garlic bread. Man! My mouth is watering!!

Now think of how many $20s I saved you by cooking at home. Shoot, we spend $20 at McDonalds for awful food. Why not enjoy seafood instead?

Happy Fishing & Cooking,

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Ross4Teflon said...

Robin - Thanks for recommending frying your fish in a Teflon pan. As a representative of DuPont, it's nice to see people talking about our products in their everyday lives.

If you're interested in some other recipes or cookbooks to look at, drop me a line and I'd be glad to help you out. PS - The fish look delicious :)