Thursday, June 25, 2009

by Robin

Since I was posting about Scallops yesterday, I thought today I'd post up my family's favorite dipping sauce for onions rings, shrimp and whatever else that can find.

As you will notice, I don't give a lot of specific measurements because cooking is much about preference. This sauce is hot. Actually, no, it is medium.... not 5-alarm hot. This gives your seafood a nice kick.

Fill a bowl full of some ranch dressing, put about 3 teaspoons of horseradish in there. Stir it up. After that, add plenty of Crystal's Hot Sauce to give color and more heat. Stir that up.

You're all done! To make a little bit more like an awesome blossom dip, try Cape Cod's Salad dressing..... um.... can't think of the exact name but it has asiago cheese in it. Add horsey & hot sauce to it or leave it plain. I can't buy it because it is such a weakness for me and I'm not suppose to have dairy. However, my guys LOVE it too and they do eat dairy.

Happy Fishing & Good eating!

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