Wednesday, February 04, 2009

by Robin

Teach your kids to fight for their rights!! especially if it involves fishing!!

In a few hours, the boys and I will be amongst hundred of recreational fishermen in a heated public hearing & scoping meeting with the South Atlantic Fisheries Marine Council.

I never once thought I'd ever be the activist type when I was growing up. But here I am, at 41 yrs of age, fighting for many causes. I fight for the unborn & child protection laws. I fight against Congress at times (signed a petition yesterday). I fight for my right to homeschool. I fight against filthy commercials that can be seen by children. And now, I can add to my list, fighting for the recreational angler's right to fish. We don't have lobbyists. We don't have deep pockets like some commercial folks or "green"-type organizations that don't want anything killed. We have to use our presence & voices to make ourselves known.

Please say a prayer for us, as a family and as a community.

Happy Fishing!

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