Monday, April 07, 2008

LIVEWELL - done!

Exterior prior to painting. Lots of body work to make the sides look like they were never cut in half. You see different colors because some are more fine grade than other steps.
Here is a top view (right) so you can see the inside of the livewell. (live fish pool)

We had a lighter blue originally but that paint job needed redoing. We had some type of reaction. Anyhow, when Jack went to buy another can of blue, they were out, so he went a shade darker. Not what we wanted but it will do.

Everything gets wiped down with acetone to remove any contaminants that may be left on the surface area. Wear gloves!

I did this three times with new papertowels each time and we still had some contamination issues that the new paint didn't want to cover.

Sorry for the backend shot. Jack painting in the shed. We had our share of rain this weekend. Good for plants, not good for boat project.

It looks so wonderful after painting. Jack did a great job with his fiberglass work. Nobody will ever know it was cut into 3 pieces.

Beautiful other side shot. That opening at the top on the left is where you enter to grab the fishies. The lid was also painted but not pictured.

This was my other project while he was painting. Not very glamorous but somebody had to do it.

It has been a long while since we've seen this much floor space in the garage. Everything was covered in fiberglass dust from the livewell sanding and it was sending me right into nesting / cleaning mode.

I could not recall if I had shown this picture before. Jack got the wire out for the radio speakers and then framed the side boxes with their restored teak wood.

My job this week is to do the right side pieces and the ones that sit under the livewell.

Jack's goal this weekend depends on the weather. Either paint the boat flooring or hook up all the wires to make the electronics work with the tranducers, etc. We never did get to that the other day. The flooring is our biggest hang-up at this point. As soon as that goes in, we can put the livewell and seats back into it. We're sooooo close to fishing again! It has been a long 7 months.

We also have deck lights again. These wires were cut in the process of painting the steps and removing all the hardware.

Here is the teak restored on the anchor locker in the front of the boat.
I think those were all the updates over the past week.
Happy Fishing

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