Sunday, April 20, 2008

BOAT Update:

All navigation lights and electronics equipment are ready to go. Swim-step ladder is reattached. VHF radio now tells us up-to-date tidal and NOAA info. (huge life-saver if you need to hail Coast Guard) Anchor (not shown to the left) & rope was added. Fire extinquisher back on board.

We were slightly hindered by not getting 2 parts in (thanks back-order!). We ordered a top-notch livewell & wash-down pump. That will keep our bait happy in their kiddie pool AND serve as a way to wash down any blood or fish slime with salt water. It is soooo much easier to clean it while it is fresh rather than baked-on in the FL sun. Jack came up with this clever location to stow away the wash-down hose. It is on the inside of the new back hatch.

Our other equipment on order is a satellite cable that goes to the new GPS Chartplotter. It's basically like the little antenna you put on your car for satellite radio.

Also, I have the last 2 pieces of teak wood to finish this week. Jack has to do a little maintenance on the trailer since it has been sitting for so many months. Something about the wheels have rusted into place. He has to bang on something. Don't ask me. We'll probably work on those last things on Thursday and dunk her in the river on Friday, Saturday at the latest.
Be sure to check back for those pictures.
Happy Fishing,
PS: It was $1 less per gallon last time we put gas in her. Ouch! I'm really glad we didn't buy a $70K new boat instead. Can you imagine sticker and gas pump shock?

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