Friday, April 25, 2008


Jack had to do some work on the brakes which had rusted the wheels into place. He had to rebuild this after some intense pounding (both sides). Afterwards, bearings were repacked in grease and new cap put on.
Wait......... what's in my mirror? Is that a boat with water in the background?

Yep, it is....
Jack took a few minutes to run the engine and put it into gear. We can run the engine in the driveway but not test the gears & tachometer, check for leaks, etc. Don't forget, we changed the entire foot of our Merc Opti-Max 225. It went from 30" to 25" in length.
It was so tempting to take it for a run but we didn't. Our new registration sticker didn't come in the mail until the next day. Plus, we had no lifejackets, proof of ownership, etc. on board.

However, they're all onboard today. We were hoping to get out in the river for a quick ride and test everything. Unfortunately, Jack is sick as a dog the past few days and so all progess has been halted.

Side note: All our back-order equipment came in the mail this week. New livewell pump and GPS antenna are here! Jack has partially been working on a new washdown station when he isn't fevering or dizzy. He made a fiberglass mold out of some plasticware from the kitchen.

It is now painted black and will have a nozzle in there. This keeps us from banging a knee onto any hardware while fishing. The hose storage is behind that hatch next to the insert in the last picture. Handy yet it doesn't interfere with fishing.
We'll be out there in no time. Pray that Jack gets better soon. He's on antibiotics but it is slow going.
Happy Fishing,

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