Monday, June 08, 2015

OFFSHORE - 6/6/15 - King fish

by Robin

It was a FSFA tourny day but we did not register.  In fact, we went rather late to avoid the morning rush.  We were on the water by 9 am.   It was Jack's plan to troll.  He was first up to reel when the line went screaming.

 photo DSC_0306-1.jpg

Unfortunately, it was only a barracuda.

 photo DSC_0312-1.jpg

Look at the teeth on him!!!  Jack had to be very careful when getting him off the hook.

 photo DSC_0314-1.jpg

This is called a Fire Rainbow.  I learned today that it happens when the sun is higher than 58 degrees in the sky and passing over Cirrus clouds with ice crystals in them.   Cool.

 photo DSC_0356-1.jpg

Ok, so hours and hours of trolling produced 1 barracuda.  The radio was filled with chatter of everyone else experiencing a slow trolling day.  Further out didn't produce anything for them either.

 photo DSC_0338-1_2.jpg

Wow, the water was sure clear and blue.
 photo DSC_0347-1.jpg

We we decided to pick up and move to 8A reef and troll there.  We joined the 11 other boats there and started making our passes between north and south ends.  There were weed everywhere and as i went to clear one of the lines filled with weeds, a mahi broke the surface and air-bombed my ballyhoo.  Game on.  She was swimming right to the boat and quite 'green'.  Jack gaffed her at least 4x and each time she jumped off the gaff.  At one point, I thought I lost her because my palm hit the free spool but thankfully, she was still there.  Jack had to pull power because we were in heavy traffic area and she swam ahead of me, then under the boat, then right for the engine.  My line was stuck in the steps, then the prop.  Sigh.  We were so upset.   We couldn't do anything but break the line.  What a mess and heart-break.  She was probably 10-12 lbs and full of holes.  There goes my first mahi of the season.  Poop!

But, later, this king hit the line.  Jack reeled him in but I got to pose with it after it fully died.

 photo DSC_0363-1.jpg

After this, we decided to try some bottom fishing.  Pulled in some miscellaneous fish.  1 juvenile snapper, too many black sea bass, lizard fish and this cool looking Stone fish.

 photo DSC_0365-1.jpg

Little black sea bass are sometimes brown.

 photo DSC_0373-1.jpg

I did catch a keeper 15" black sea bass.  Wow, nice fish.

That was basically our Saturday offshore.  Ran over to see Mike at his boat and pick up a tourny t-shirt.  Talked to guys at the cleaning tables.  Fun times.

Happy Fishing,

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