Monday, June 08, 2015

CFOA Tournament 5.31.15

by Robin

I didn't take a LOT of pictures today but did enjoy watching the pelicans and boats come in with fish.
 photo DSC_0351-1.jpg

Nice cobia.

 photo DSC_0388-1.jpg

It was a good date day with my hubby after church.  Got us some nice oysters &
clams at Rusty's before the tourny too.

 photo DSC_0405-1.jpg

This young boy took Youth Division.  I heard that he fishing hard like this all the time.  I saw pictures of him this past weekend with a 20+ lb red snapper. Wow!

 photo DSC_0376-1.jpg

Here was the board with the results.

 photo DSC_0437-1.jpg

Happy Fishing!

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