Saturday, January 31, 2015


by Robin

Ok, so Jack liked the picture but said it made him look like he was memorialized.  I think that's a compliment.  AND, btw, he shaved off his beard today.  My sink is full of whiskers. Nice sweetheart.

So... I'm looking back on last week's photos.  Still got to do a live well update too.

 photo DSC_0209-1.jpg

So, I'm just taking photos of birds heading to the island for the night.  I thought a nice picture of the boat coming through the channel markers would be nice.

 photo DSC_0223-1-1.jpg

But, then the birds caught my attention.

 photo DSC_0224-1-1.jpg

Then, splashing.

 photo DSC_0226-1-1.jpg

And more splashing...

 photo DSC_0227-1.jpg

What is that??

 photo DSC_0232-1-1.jpg


 photo DSC_0233-1.jpg

No silly, they are dolphin.  A good many of them in double pods.  I do feel like there were 2 girls at least in estrus.  Many males were chasing them down.  I think this one has a baby still by her side.

 photo DSC_0234-1.jpg

Whew, that was a close call!

Happy Fishing,


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