Saturday, January 24, 2015


by Robin

Let's take a virtual tour of the new  Port Canaveral changes.  I already showed the new recreational boat docks in an earlier blog, but here are the changes down George King Blvd and Flounder St.

Ok, pretend we're coming out of Jetty Park, headed back to A1A/ Beachline Hwy (528).

First thing you will notice is the new cruise ship terminal.

 photo DSC_0224-1.jpg
 photo DSC_0223-1.jpg

Here is the opening to the Terminal Parking deck.  The cruise ship is behind it.

 photo DSC_0210-1-1.jpg

(Above) From here, we turn right down Flounder St. You'll see the parking deck from the other angle.   Nice drop-off area here.

 photo DSC_0211-1.jpg

Past the parking deck is the check-in area.

 photo DSC_0221-1.jpg

Above is a different angle of the same building.

Below is the left side (inlet side) of the terminal.  You can see the Ron Jon booth and probably some other time-share booth.

 photo DSC_0213-1.jpg
 photo DSC_0218-1.jpg

You can see down the side of the large cruise ship here. This is Explorer of the Seas' new home.  This all used to be the former recreational boat docks and parking lot.

 photo DSC_0215-1.jpg

Ok, at this point, we have to turn 90 deg left and pass Grills on the right.   We have a new shark now and a new title of "World Famous" shark kabobs.   Ok??   I didn't know that all the times we have been here.

 photo DSC_0219-1-1.jpg

Grills added a new front to their building.  There used to be a gazebo here.  That's gone. It is super beautiful inside.  Love the look of the sports fishing bar with great mahi wood carving.

 photo DSC_0220-1.jpg

If you were to look back to get a size comparison, this is the perfect shot.  That boat dwarfs the restaurant.

 photo DSC_0204-1.jpg

If you look to your left, you will see the new bait/tourist shop. They have a great fish tank in there and plenty of fiberglass fish. Lots of little gifts you can get before returning home. This used to be the former home of the motorcycle parking and some parking.  Sometimes a boat would sit on the corner.

 photo DSC_0206-1.jpg

This is where the old bait shop was and it was torn down this week.

 photo DSC_0205-1.jpg

Ok, so we're past Milliken's Reef, which hasn't had changes and we turn down past Bluepoints Marina and Cape Marina, this is just a shot I took from the docks and fishing area under the bridge.

 photo DSC_0246-1.jpg

If you go over the bridge to Cruise Terminal A, north side of the inlet, you will see a great view of all the restaurants, marinas and cruise ship.

 photo DSC_0322-1.jpg

On the north side, there are usually Carnival and Disney lines in there.  Maybe even Royal Caribbean.  There were 3 in there today, plus a 4th in this picture.

How would you like to play on this??

 photo DSC_0327-1.jpg

If you don't like this, some have rock climbing!!

 photo DSC_0333-1.jpg

Ok, here, we've done a 180 from the northern terminals and heading back towards Hwy 528.  This is the bridge that overlooks the locks and Banana River.

 photo DSC_0342-1.jpg

This is not the same road (below) but this was taken from the road that heads out to the locks.  Nice little fishing holes.

 photo DSC_0230-1.jpg

And you might even see some mysterious old boats left out there.

 photo DSC_0240-1-3.jpg

Hope you enjoyed my tour!
Happy Fishing,

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Anonymous said...

liked the tour. makes me want to book a cruise. i hope the new work done on the port is good for the community. looks nice. maybe this will encourage more people to book out of here or even stay a day or tour to increase tourism.
ya sista, cch